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ProcessMAP Corporation and SmartCone Technologies Announce an Integrated IoT Solution

   2019-12-26 1880
ProcessMAP, an EHSQ software vendor, has announced a partnership with IoT commercialization vendor SmartCone Technologies to provide IoT-powered solutions that monitor workers in hazardous environments and help prevent safety incidents.

SmartCone’s IoT-enabled sensors and edge computing capabilities combined with  ProcessMAP’s comprehensive safety data-analytics platform enable real-time tracking of event-driven workplace risks and offer powerful actionable intelligence for proactive risk mitigation

December 17, 2019 [Fort Lauderdale, FL and Ottawa, ON]: ProcessMAP, the industry leader in offering cloud-based data intelligence platform for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management and SmartCone Technologies announced a strategic partnership to provide cutting-edge, innovative, integrated IoT-powered solutions that monitor workers in hazardous environments, including manufacturing floors, construction sites, service locations and other rugged environments. By adopting the integrated solution that combines the capabilities of the SmartCone’s IoT applications, which collect and compute real-time data, and ProcessMAP’s comprehensive safety platform, organizations will not only be able to quickly respond to safety hazards, but also proactively prevent incidents from occurring.


The 2019 Liberty Mutual workplace safety index identified that workplace injuries cost U.S. based companies over $55 billion annually. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the U.S reported that nearly 3 million recordable cases of non-fatal injuries and incidents were reported during 2018. It is against this backdrop of significant risk, both operational and financial, that ProcessMAP and Smartcone offer an innovative solution that will benefit employers as well as employees.


For Employees:

  • The employee-first solution offers advanced awareness, notifications and alerts of potential danger via innovative and non-intrusive IoT-enabled devices. For example, employees are aided with audio and visual alerts if they accidentally move into a high-danger zone. Similarly, employees operating heavy machinery, whether static or mobile, are alerted if an unexpected co-worker breaches the proximity perimeter. At the end of the day, the solution enables safer workplaces so that employees can return to their families, safe and healthy, after work.


For Employers:

  • The advanced solution helps companies gain critical insights into potential hazards at the workplace. Additionally, the solution also helps organizations simplify and streamline their enterprise IT landscape by reducing the number of disparate IT applications and by leveraging a single, fully integrated, platform to manage various types of safety challenges


“We are thrilled to partner and integrate with ProcessMAP and to provide a comprehensive solution to mitigate risks. Together, we will uncover breakthrough opportunities to leverage our IoT-enabled sensors and the power of our edge computing solutions along with ProcesMAP’s EHS platform to make a tangible impact on workplace safety” said Jason Lee, CEO of SmartCone Technologies. “Organizations will significantly benefit by combining real-time triggered events with a robust data-intelligence safety platform to keep their workers safe”, added Lee.


“Incorporating SmartCone’s unique array of IoT devices adds an exciting set of leading indicators to  our robust EHS platform, thereby empowering our mutual customers with real time actionable insights to drive safety and operational excellence” said Harold Gubnitsky, President and Chief Strategy Officer of ProcessMAP Corporation. “We see tremendous potential for new, innovative and practical solutions to help our customers  mitigate risks in numerous areas”, he added.


about SmartCone Technologies

SmartCone Technologies Inc. is a unique data sensory company that commercializes new Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies to power a wide array of sensors, cognitive edge computing, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence (AI) analytics. Our clients include utility companies, departments of transportation, construction companies, engineering firms, automobile dealerships and various policing agencies among others.


about ProcessMAP Corporation

ProcessMAP is the leading EHSQ process and data intelligence platform that empowers our customers to minimize risk, assure compliance and ensure safety. ProcessMAP’s analytics-driven cloud platform and advanced mobile-first solutions enable digital transformation, process consistency and data harmonization to drive actionable intelligence. We are headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with locations across the globe, serving more than 3 million users in 27+ languages in over 140 countries. F

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