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DEKRA Visatec Expands to Australia

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Note: DEKRA, an EHS services firm, has expanded subsidiary firm DEKRA Visatec, a specialist in visual inspection systems and non-destructive testing (NDT), into Australia and Oceania, with the intension of supporting high risk industries with mechanised inspect

DEKRA Visatec, a specialist in visual inspection systems and non-destructive testing (NDT), is expanding to Australia and Oceania. The DEKRA subsidiary has formed a partnership with Australian supplier Nexxis. The aim is to support the mining, oil and gas, chemical and power plant industries with mechanized and robotic inspection systems.

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Nexxis is a high-tech supplier of inspection, NDT and measuring technology in Perth, Western Australia. In addition to Australia, its regional sales market encompasses New Zealand, Singapore and Papua New Guinea. DEKRA and Nexxis have already collaborated on a number of projects going back many years. The aim of this partnership is to develop customized solutions designed to allow predictive maintenance and minimize shutdowns.

For more than 25 years, DEKRA Visatec has been developing cameras for visual inspections and high-end systems for challenging and hazardous environments. Visatec inspection cameras, retrieval tools, crawlers, ROVs and data display systems are used for visual inspections and documentation purposes in industry as well as in conventional and nuclear power plants. Through its partnership with Nexxis, DEKRA Visatec is expanding its target markets over the long term to include Australia and Oceania. DEKRA Visatec systems are used all over the world – on every continent.

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