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Gensuite Signs AernNova as a New Subscriber

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-04-22   Browse number:143
Note: Gensuite, a cloud-based compliance and management software provider, has been selected by AernNova, an aerostructures manufacturer who recently acquired GE Aviation’s aerostructure business, to manage their EHS and quality efforts.

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, is proud to announce the addition of AernNova to their global subscriber group. AernNova is a leading aerostructures manufacturer with a specialization in the design and fabrication processes of aerostructures as well as their individual components. In October 2019, AernNova acquired GE Aviation’s aerostructures business in the UK, expanding their global business and increasing their design and manufacturing capabilities.

With their expansion, AernNova was seeking a dedicated Gensuite instance to establish its enterprise EHS and Quality Management system, together with configurations specific to the UK sites transitioning into the company. Gensuite looks forward to assisting the broader AernNova group in their performance excellence targets.

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