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Increase DFN Modelling Productivity and Efficiency with FracMan’s Latest Release

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Note: Golder, a consulting, design and construction service firm, has announced the latest release of its FracMan® software, a commercially available Discrete Fracture Network software, which assists in solving geological and engineering related issues.

Golder announced the latest release (version 7.9) of its FracMan® software is available today. FracMan®, the world’s first commercially available Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) software, provides unrivaled power to solve practical geological and engineering related issues in the civil and infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, renewables, power and nuclear waste industries.

“Over 90 percent of the new features and enhancements in this latest FracMan® release were driven by client feedback and requests as well as project requirement,” said Mark Cottrell, Technical Director. “The characterization, analysis, and modelling of fractured rock has never looked so good.”

Version 7.9 delivers a full suite of new core characterization and analysis functions across its Geotechnical, Reservoir, Nuclear and Hydro editions. “We understand that FracMan® users are under pressure to make modelling more productive and efficient,” explains Cottrell. “This next step in the evolution of the software will help our clients achieve more with less effort.”

Key new features include:
Better fracture descriptions to support improved network response under hydraulic and geotechnical conditions. FracMan® all new Grown DFN approach has been developed to better reflect measured geometric data from boreholes or outcrop analogues.
Bigger flow models analysis with an all new workflow and capability for analysing and simulating flow in fractured rock systems. With this update, FracMan® can solve bigger flow problems than ever before.
More integrated geotechnics with workflows becoming more seamless from DFN creation, to rock mass property prediction, to in-situ stress evaluations, and to rock wedge-based kinematics assessments.

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