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Università Ca' Foscari Venezia Master Program in Corporate Sustainability and ESG Management (

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 Università Ca' Foscari Venezia

Master Program in Corporate Sustainability and ESG Management  (2nd Edithion)

Call for Application


1st Level University Master - academic year: 2024-2025



The private sector plays a crucial role in shaping our sustainable society. We can see this in the way that products and services have been developed, produced, and distributed. This places a great deal of pressure on the world’s natural resources. The private sector therefore holds the key to solving structural resource scarcity and environmental problems.

Accordingly, both Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Management are increasingly important for a wide range of organizations, and Corporate Social Responsibility has never been more relevant to our organizations, ensuring businesses have a positive impact on the world and enabling society to reach its goals. In this context, in the last few years there have been growing calls for clear and practical guidance tools to support the integration of cost-efficient and effective sustainability practices in businesses and organizations. Given the complex world of interconnected challenges and the need to satisfy all three pillars of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental), a considerable effort has been made to integrate sustainability into the processes and practices of organizations. As a result, many tools, frameworks and standards have been developed to support businesses in their path to sustainability.


The Master’s Program aims to train experts in corporate sustainability with an environmental focus. It offers an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues, preparing participants to tackle these complex issues in business life, promoting environmental sustainability in business and innovating new business solutions and sustainable business models. It will provide skills to evaluate existing frameworksexplore environmental issues in organizations and industries, and develop sensitive business practices. It provides excellent preparation for any corporate-focused environmental career. The main topics examined will include: theory, evidence and practice in corporate sustainability and environmental management as well as the governance, assessment and practical resolution of environmental problems; combining study of the scientific and legal issues, policies and risks associated with sustainability with accounting, ethical and organizational aspects of business.



To look at the globalization of business and the transnational nature of the environmental problems faced by businesses, regulators and policy makers. To introduce the major challenges faced by decision makers when implementing corporate sustainability policies in the real world and to examine the consultancies helping organizations achieve their corporate sustainability objectives. To train in suitable research methods and relevant ethical and legal issues, while practicing research skills with independent projects. To develop the essential skills associated with business management and managing sustainable organizations, as well as providing experience in environmental assessment and maximizing sustainable governance in organizations.



ü  An overview on corporate sustainability and ESG management

ü  Corporate sustainability and ESG reporting

ü  Environmental Stewardship in Business / Carbon Footprint of Products and Organizations

ü  Governance, Ethics, and Compliance / Strategic Leadership for Sustainability

ü  Social Responsibility & Stakeholder Engagement

ü  ESG Management Practice in Chinese Enterprises

ü  Current issues and topics

ü  Case Analysis - ESG Management and Report Disclosure


Language: English (with Chinese translation available), Chinese

Available places: 40

Duration of the program: 18 months

Period: May 2024 - End of 2026

Teaching method: Formal lectures and online learning

Location: Guangzhou, China; Venice, Italy

Deadline for application submission: MAR 31st, 2024

Enrolment fees: € 9000 (in two installments)

Student who needs to apply for academic degree authentication through the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE), must study in the campus of Ca' Foscari University of Venice for an additional year, and the tuition shall be € 11000.




1. Bachelor’s degree

2. English level equals to Common European framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR) B1, or similar scores of IELTS/TOEFL.


Contact Information

Contact person: Mr. Xu

Telephone Number: 021-69980278, 021-31608131

Email: zixun@ehscity.com

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