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Environmental (Phase 1/II/III)Assessments, Soil & Groundwater Assessment and Remediation环境评估及土壤地下水调查

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Environmental Services (Phase 1/II/III)Environmental Assessments
Soil & Groundwater Assessment and Remediation环境评估及土壤地下水调查修复


Phase 1 Environmental Assessments


Phase 1 Environmental Assessments & Other Miscellaneous Consulting on Property Transactions

EHSCity provides Phase I Assessment services suited to your needs, not just a document which raises questions. In this regard, we are highly focused on understanding the project circumstances, and providing clear and concise findings/conclusions for the savvy, time-strapped business client. Additionally, we provide follow-up support on all Phase I projects with value-added “consulting” from an accessible, highly experienced environmental professional.


We know time is money; and we know the critical issues for buyers, sellers and lenders.

Our Phase I services often include:

Phase I Env. Assessment using ASTM E1527-05, AAI guidelines, and ASTM E2600-10

Preparation of a comprehensive report, with concise executive summary

(As needed) Other environmental liability analysis (asbestos, lead paint, mold, etc.)

Follow-up consulting services



Soil & Groundwater Assessment (Phase II)

We know the importance of fully understanding your needs and objectives, and will use our experience and skill to provide an efficient, custom solution.


EHSCity provides highly experienced/responsive services for investigating the extent of impacts to the subsurface. Emphasis is placed on minimizing project duration and costs by utilizing “tight” project management, experienced field personnel, and efficient/proven investigative methods. If applicable, we also maintain a close interactive relationship with the local regulating agencies to help minimize red-tape.


EHSCity approaches all investigations with a constant view towards resolution / closure.

Our methods of evaluating sites have included:

Soil gas sampling/surveys

Shallow soil and groundwater sampling via inexpensive manual methods

Soil & in-situ groundwater sampling w/ small diameter direct push technology

Risk assessments

Deeper soil and groundwater investigations with various drilling technologies

Groundwater monitoring well installation/sampling/monitoring

Contaminant migration analysis/modeling

Geophysical surveys, and more


Our focus on anticipating future data needs has proven to be an effective means of saving costs and time. It exemplifies our belief that your best interests are served by providing a high degree of experience & efficiency.

Soil & Groundwater Remediation (Phase III)

Our staff possesses focused experience on issues of regulatory approval, permitting, installation & operations of remediation systems. EHSCity precedes each remediation project with an analysis of variables (cost, technical feasibility, time, permitability, and other client-specific considerations). If necessary, EHSCity can also provide the appropriate resources to conduct quick and efficient pilot investigations to test the feasibility/design of clean up alternatives. Below is a partial list of remediation technology used on our projects.



Soil Vapor Extraction

In-situ Soil Bioremediation

Excavation and off site disposal/recycling

Excavation and above ground treatment on-site

Risk assessments

Others technologies



Floating Fuel Recovery

Soil Vapor Extraction w/Air Sparging

In-situ Oxidation

Dual phase soil gas/groundwater extraction and treatment

Single phase groundwater recovery and carbon treatment

Other technologie


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