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Acoustics, Noise and Vibrations 声学、噪音和振动

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Acoustics, Noise and Vibrations  声学、噪音和振动

Sound - whether we want to maximize it or reduce it - is an important element of our environment. EHSCITY offers in-depth expertise in all aspects of environmental acoustic services, from baseline noise level monitoring and the development of noise models, to monitoring programmes in support of environmental impact assessments.

Expertise For Every Type of Building

Our experts provide architectural acoustics services, including sound insulation, room acoustics, building vibration and mechanical services noise control. The design guidance we offer will ensure that the interior finiSHEs, partition designs, doors and windows, and building systems and services all function together to create an optimized sonic environment appropriate to the intended use of each architectural space. Our specialists also have long experience in building façade acoustics to minimize the break-in of external noise such as traffic.

Every building is different and we provide the acoustics services for all of them, including very special spaces such as schools, laboratories, theatres or historic structures as well as complex hospital buildings that require careful, strategic design to address the acoustics in a multitude of different spaces and functions.

Trends evolve, such as the increasing use of timber, and we embrace changes and innovate accordingly. For example, the move towards open plan offices and space use flexibility in commercial buildings, have made acoustics more important in employee satisfaction. In healthcare facilities, while the link between sleep quality and recovery is evident, confidentiality in wards and patient rooms also needs to be taken into account. We often use sound masking systems to artificially raise ambient noise level within a space (white noise). It provides the benefit of speech privacy while reducing sleep disturbance.

We have provided acoustical design for numerous tall buildings around the world and are experienced in developing different solutions for a building when its structure changes from concrete to steel. Our specialists advise on what sound insulation is required between a mixed-use scheme’s different functions, such as retail, leisure, offices and residential apartments, and how to control noise and vibration from entire floors of mechanical and electrical plant to highly noise-sensitive spaces directly adjacent.


Many buildings are located beside or above sources of potentially significant vibration, such as railways, leading to concerns about the transmission of vibration and structure-borne noise into acoustically-sensitive spaces. We conduct specialist studies to assess the impacts of vibrations on a building, including tactile vibration and re-radiated noise.

Vibration from underground railways often manifests itself within buildings not as tactile vibration (vibration you can feel) but as low frequency re-radiated noise, perceived as a low rumble as a train passes along the line.

Our detailed vibration studies address these concerns, while our experience ensures we recommend the right solutions for our clients. Techniques such as using room finishes and treatments to reduce re-radiated noise, enable us to limit the need for whole-building insulation to only situations where vibration impacts are high and cannot be mitigated by other means. In these cases, we advise architects and developers on when and how to install the complex vibration isolation systems.



Construction noise management involves not only the outdoor aspects of noise in the area surrounding a construction site, but also its impact on and within local buildings. We develop noise and vibration control plans to enable contractors and project managers to know ahead of time where problems are likely to occur and what kind of mitigation would be appropriate to proactively implement. We also perform noise and vibration monitoring and oversee contractor compliance on larger construction projects.



Commissioning testing is the analysis of ambient noise levels, reverberation time, airborne and impact sound insulation, speech transmission index and plant noise emissions. Our acoustics testers are registered on the Association of Noise Consultants scheme in accordance with building regulations and BREEAM.

We also evaluate already constructed buildings and provide insights to the owner on how to improve the acoustics.

Environmental Acoustic Services

We offer in-depth expertise in all aspects of environmental acoustic services, from baseline noise level monitoring and the development of noise models, to monitoring programmes in support of environmental impact assessments. State-of-the-art equipment, coupled with strategic modelling and risk assessment techniques, enable us to evaluate problems accurately and engineer workable solutions to complex and potentially costly environmental issues.

Our core environmental acoustics management services include:

·         Acoustic impact assessments

·         baseline noise level assessments

·         Best practical available technology assessment

·         Noise source inventories

·         Noise source monitoring – point, line and area

·         Predictive acoustic modelling

·         Quantitative health risk assessments for hazardous noise levels

·         Vehicle noise monitoring



We have installed and monitored geotechnical ground and building monitoring systems associated with shored excavations, tunnels, dams, dewatering projects, and for slope stability. Our clients include large-scale general contractors, governments, transit and transportation organizations as well as major energy companies.

·      Vibration and Ground Movement Monitoring

·      Remote and Real Time Monitoring

·      Shoring Monitoring

·      Building/Structure Deformation Monitoring (Movement, Tilt, Strain, Load, Pressure)

·      Underwater surveillance for marine infrastructure



Our experience includes noise exposure forecasts, noise level surveys, regulatory compliance, noise source identification and noise reduction proposals.

·         Noise level surveys (compliance studies)

·         Construction surveillance

·         Regulatory and Community noise impact studies

·         Source identification and noise reduction recommendations

·         Exposure forecasts using computerized simulations

·         Noise reduction implementation, including turnkey projects



Our team also contributes to project management with a view to implementing corrective measures to reduce noise in industrial areas.

·         Workplace noise studies, including sound measurement and employee dosimetry

·         evaluation of exposure to hand/arm vibrations and whole-body vibrations

·         Acoustical imaging

·         Establishment of noise control programs and Corrective noise reduction measures

·         Turnkey projects for implementing noise/vibration controls

·         Noise level specifications for equipment purchases

·         Acoustic design for new facilities (noise mitigation)

·         Employee noise exposure surveillance program



Working with our Maritime and Natural Environment and Ecology teams, we offer specialist marine acoustics services, including:

·         baseline underwater noise measurement and noise rating curves analysis

·         Real-time monitoring and spatial location of marine mammals

·         Determination of underwater sound levels emitted by different types of machinery: power hammer, pneumatic drill, vibratory hammer, hydraulic excavator, ships, ferries, dredger, etc.



·         Real-time vibration monitoring (construction site)

·         Mitigation measures elaboration for constructions close to railways or shutting yards

·         Mechanical equipment isolation (isolator isolation, inertia base design)

·         Blasting monitoring and optimization (vibration, flyrock and overpressure)



随着市场上不断增加对木材的应用,我们也相应地进行变革和创新。 例如开放式办公室,或在商业建筑中采用灵活的空间,便需要考虑到员工对隔音的满意度。在医疗机构中,病房之间的私密性也相当重要。我们经常使用声音掩蔽系统来提高环境噪音水平,不但保障隐私,也避免影响患者的睡眠质素。










施工噪音管理不仅涉及施工现场周边地区的户外噪音,而且还涉及到对当地建筑物的影响。我们制定噪音和振动控制计划,使承包商和项目经理能够提前知道可能出现的问题,并实施相应的缓解措施。 我们还进行噪音和振动监测,以监督大型建筑项目的承包商合情况。 






·         声学影响评估

·         基准噪音级别评估

·         最佳实用可用技术评估

·         噪音来源清查

·         噪音来源监测——点、线、面

·         预测性声音建模

·         有害噪音级别的定量健康风险评估车辆噪音监控




·      振动与地块运动监控

·      远程及实时监控

·      强化监控

·      建筑/结构的变形监控(运动、倾斜、损伤、负荷、压力)

·      水底监察海事基础设施




·         噪音级别调查(合性研究)

·         施工监察

·         监管及社区噪音影响研究

·         来源鉴别及有效减少噪音的建议

·         运用计算机模拟来噪音接触预测

·         实行减少噪音的措施,包括总承包工程




·         工作场所的噪音研究,包括声音测量和员工剂量测量

·         对手/臂振动或全身振动的接触评估

·         声学成像

·         制定有效控制噪音的计划及降噪纠正措施

·         实施噪音/振动控制的总承包计划

·         对设备购买的噪音级别规范

·         新设备的声学设计(减轻噪音)

·         员工噪音接触监察计划




·         基准水底噪音测量及噪音评级曲线分析

·         实时监控及海洋哺乳动物的空间定位

·         测定对不同机器发出的水下声音级别,包括电锤、风钻、振动打桩机、液压挖掘机、轮船、渡船、挖泥船等等。 


·         实时振动监控(施工地)

·         制定靠近铁路或已关场地的施工的详细舒解措施

·         机械设备的隔离(隔离器隔离、惯性基座设计)

·         爆破监控及优化(振动、飞石及超负荷)

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