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OSHENS by Optima Diagnostics - Cloud based software solution for all your safety, health, risk and c

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OSHENS is a cloud based software solution for all your safety, health, risk and compliance needs. Set up in 2000, our clients benefit from over 15 years of experience in implementing our health and safety software across an array of industries. OSHENS provides you with live data to identify issues, track your key performance indicators, assess risk, create health and safety actions and follow your organisation's safety progress.
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Risk-Based Process Safety (RBPS) 基于风险的工艺安全管理 上海 12/6~8 2021 EHS Laws and Standards Workshop EHS法规标准 12/23~24 上海 Safety Culture & Leadership 安全文化与领导培训研讨会 11/25~26 2021上海 Electrical Safety Management Workshop 电气安全培训研讨会 10/18~19 2021上海 Hazardous area classification(HAC) Workshop 爆炸和火灾危险区域划分 12/13~12/14 2021上海 Advanced Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Workshop 工艺危害分析(PHA)高级培训研讨会 12/6~9 2021 上海 Contractor Management Workshop 承包商管理培训研讨会 12/21~12/22 2021 上海 Radiation Protection and Safety 辐射防护与安全(RPS) 12/29~30 2021上海